Это авторский методический курс для преподавателей, готовящих студентов к сдаче экзамена IELTS-International English Language Testing System.




By the end of the course, you will be able to:

•   thoroughly understand the skills being assessed

•   identify potential problems your learners may encounter while preparing for the exam

•   use strategies and activities to help you and your learners approach the test tasks with confidence

•   reflect on your existing teaching methods and consider areas for development



Длительность курса: 30 часов

  • практические семинары 
  • пробное тестирование
  • рабочая тетрадь преподавателя в ПОДАРОК


Скачать Программу занятий-Syllabus


Даты курса ONLINE 2020


Extensive  – 6 weeks

10, February -  20, March  



Стоимость  - 90 000 тенге    

!!!EARLY BIRD OFFER -75 000 (before December, 31)



In 2016 after taking CELTA course I decided to brush up and master my teaching skills in IELTS. Despite the fact that I had already taught IELTS, I was not sure about the ways and strategies I used. 

I knew that Anna Tonkikh created the training course for English teachers and decided to take it.

The course exceeded my expectations. I knew the structure of the exam and criteria, but on the course, I realized that I had had no idea how to teach it more effectively. Firstly, it was so well organized and planned that I could use the strategies and techniques immediately with my students when teaching online as offline. Secondly, it was full of practical tasks and activities which we were offered to us. Thirdly, Anna was always there to give feedback on the home assignments and during the sessions which helped me to improve my teaching skills. Finally, it helped me to save my time. Before, I had spent hours to write lesson plans for IELTS. Now, I know how to do it in less time and properly.

I really enjoyed the moments when we exchanged ideas with colleagues and discovered many things, such as games, which we can use to teach IELTS.

 I recommend this course to the teachers who are looking for effective and proven strategies how to teach IELTS and those who are confused how to do it.

Zulfiya Salikhova

Russia, Kazan


I liked learning about other teachers' experiences and their perspective. Finding ways to make exam-preparation less tedious was very interesting as well.


Aktau, Kazakhstan


It was worth participating, the tutor is highly professional, the only thing- it would have been better if there had been more teachers, so we could have exchanged more ideas.

Jelena Marjanovic,



There were a lot of activities, which I can borrow and use during my classes)))I enjoyed being a participant.It was not a traditional training where people just get the theory.There was a lot of practice instead.

Alexandra Tumanshina,

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


It was a great pleasure to be your student! You are my role model as a great teacher and motivator!

I will look forward to your other teacher trainings or seminars! And I am sure we will meet in person very soon.

Gulchekhra Kalmetova,

Shymkent, Kazakhstan


The teacher was very dedicated to what she was doing, her professional attitude was undeniable. Everything was presented in an interactive way.
Alexandra Oleinokova
Russia, Novosibirsk
What I liked most is the course teacher's proficiency to make friendly environment, deliver educational material with sufficient examplification and opportunity for course participants to have practice in preparing and delivering lesson plans
Shymkent, Kazakhstan


Скачать Программу занятий-Syllabus


Стоимость  - 90 000 тенге    

!!!EARLY BIRD OFFER -75 000 (before December, 31)


Требования к кандидатам:

* уровень английского не ниже B2

* опыт преподавания экзаменационных курсов желателен, но не обязателен


Скачать Программу занятий-Syllabus


Стоимость  - 90 000 тенге    

!!!EARLY BIRD OFFER -75 000 (before December, 31)


Контакты для справок

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+7 (7182) 77 01 05

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